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Feee Online Reputation Management

With our Waz-Here.com Product we are able to offer a FREE Online Profile Page helping you secure your online spot when someone Googles your personal or company name.

Creating this Free Profile will help lock in a single position during a Name Related Search. Reputation Management & Marketing Solutions often require over 40 URL positions to be effective. Get us your search results of concern and we will consult you accordingly.
Free Reputation Management


321.287.7735 | info@proxy1media.com | 800.381.4820

Are you currently involved in Any Internet Marketing?
Are you a company / Individual or Agency?
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Do you have a Budget to Start Internet Marketing?
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We are Listing our Reputation Management Program to Educate our potential clients that we know what we are doing.
There is so much online about Reputation Management Services including shotty companies offering a $49 one-time deal.
If you are that type of client looking for a quick/cheap fix we will ask that you go elsewhere (each case is key word specific but, there is no such thing).
If you are serious about cleaning up your online reputation please call us. Reputation Management Packages Start at $599


We Start by being Proactive: EDUCATE / ENTERTAIN / ENGAGE
We concluded by strategizing your Reaction: =

  1. Review Negative Comments while comparing them to Current Business Solutions. Help Business Adapt to Needed Changes.
  2. Create Immediate “Soft” Rebuttals & Solutions from Client to post on negative sites/review with angry customers/use to defuse complaints.
  3. Contact Negative Clients & Website's with new solutions/answers/offers to remove negative items.
  4. Create a Positive Text Campaign from Client (Content Needed from clients past vendors / customers) to post for solution-based rebuttals.
  5. Address Negative comments on All Platforms with a) Acknowledgement b) Sample/Example of Solution/Changes) Ensure problem is solved by exact example and approved rebuttal (additional fees to complaint website usually apply to rebuttal for each negative posting).
  6. Review Current Company Domains/Website's/Social Media Accounts for Meta’s/URL Structure/Relevancy/Frequency for Company/Brand SERPs.
  7. Lock in/down all Vanity URLs that pertain to business (over 400 potential Urls) & additional domain extensions to manage page 1 of Google SERPs.
  8. Create & Launch New Domains/Sub-Domains/Domain Extensions and Landing Pages/Micro Websites for 1st page positioning for Company/Brand.
  9. Start Immediate SEO & PPC on Multiple URLs/Micro Websites/Landing Pages for Client Brand Key words & SERPs.
  10. Setup Reputation Management Tracking Solutions for weekly/daily feedback from Company Name/brand/s postings.
  11. Initiate plan of action/schedule for internal reputation management including: how to react/when/where/with what and by who.
  12. Research/Review/Apply for positive relationships/Account (BBB, Yelp, etc.)
  13. Build Social Reputation/Perception by Public Outreach Programs, Donations, PSAs, Utilizing Client Specialties in Free Services, etc.
  14. Logging/posting/marketing of all Positive Comments in Client's Social Media Accounts/Online/on website/thru press release-article submissions.
  15. Help Client Create a Complaint Resolution Process that includes incentives for Positive Internet Comments from immediate clients (before they leave the showroom, etc.) and process to deflate future negative clients & online postings.

For those that need a Push or Some Minor Help = We Will throw you a bone (below).
For those that don't have the 100's of man hours or weeks and months to do this, we can help!

200+ Resources and Tips To Help Manage Your Reputation Online

    321.287.7735 | info@proxy1media.com | 800.381.4820

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